2a3 tube

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2A3 tube amplifier circuit, FLUXION audio 2A3 single ended 싱글 진공관앰프 회로

Return Policy. Our Test Lab. Contact Us. A -- ZM Western Electric. Antique Tubes. Transmitting Tubes. Audio Triodes. Audio Pentodes. This is the original version of the 2A3.

2a3 tube

Most agree they sound the best. However, they carry a high price tag due to their rarity and demand.Stock status:. We have done preventive measures to re-stock vast majority of our common selling tube models. You will be provided with alternative options. Read more I complained to you about the Psvane Acme Bs several times and you repeatedly told me to be patient; give them time. After hours I was close to dumping them on Audiogon but you again said wait. Our Emission Labs are put away.

TJ Meshplates, Genalex… not even close. Get yours before it is sold out…. Shuguang factory has ceased production due to factory re-location and a recent fire. You advised to give them time and — you were right. Thank you.

We use Paypal to process payment from worldwide for all orders placed on our website. It is the most efficient way to process payments from credit cards issued in multiple currencies, and issued from multiple countries. However, we have just received notice from Paypal stating that starting March 19th,the Paypal fee a merchant seller, ie. What does this mean to a buyer? My amplifiers are two monoblocks CARY The difference in sound is unbelievable. More natural, more details, simply more music.

Feedback from customer Leo. B via email:. Leo B. Feedback received from Kevin R. On the contrary, the sound stage thrown is very detailed, deep and quite wide. I have no trouble focusing on any part or player in a given track as if mixed as the focal point. Feedback received from Steven D. Appears as if the noise floor has been lowered, better low level info retrieval.

Better bass, too. Feedback from customer Donnie R. Why Grant Fidelity? They are also strikingly beautiful pieces of hardware. Feedback received from Jean D. Feedback from Dave C. At first they sounded bad; no bass, a recessed treble, and audible distortion in the upper midrange.

My system is very discerning a David Berning amp without transformers — no buffer, what you hear is directly from the tubes; Joule-Electra LAME preamp, a pair of Avantgarde Duo Grosso horn speakers, gold plated silver cables.

2a3 tube

After 50 hours the sound is excellent.This amplifier board was designed with flexibility in mind. The board has been successfully been used as a stand alone SE amplifier with several types of output tubes.

The standard parts that are called out in the parts list or supplied in the kit are designed to accommodate these tubes in a SE amplifier configuration with no modifications. The board can also be used as a driver board for a larger amplifier. This and other applications are discussed further on the Tubelab web site. It is expected that most users of this board will be building an SE amplifier.

Most builders already have an idea of which tube they will use before building an amplifier. The output transformer is then ordered to match the tube.

Before you can complete your amplifier you should choose the output tube that you want to use, and then choose an output transformer to match that tube. Then you choose a power transformer that can deliver the power needed for your chosen output tubes and load impedance.

I will briefly discuss the common tube choices and the transformer requirements for each. A section is included that shows how to build a "universal" amplifier that will work with all of the different tube types. It is by design, somewhat of a compromise though. This amplifier works very well with 45 tubes and other tubes that are similar to 45's. My Lexan amplifier uses NX tubes which I found in a radio chassis at a flea market.

They are like 45's with a 5 volt filament. The 45 works best with a 5K ohm load impedance, so the output transformers should have a 5 K primary and a secondary to match your speakers.

The 45 will make about 1. This would require a power transformer that has a volt center tapped HV winding of at least mA, a 5 volt 2 amp rectifier winding, and a 6. There is no common off the shelf transformer with these specifications, although one can be special ordered from several vendors.

There are several off the shelf transformers that are in the to volt center tapped range. The maximum plate voltage rating given in the RCA literature is volts. You will drop 5 to 10 volts across the output transformer. This leaves about volts on the 45 tube.

I have operated dozens of 45's this way without incident, and I get about 2 watts per channel depending on the efficiency of the output transformer.

If you prefer to be more cautious with your 45's they are getting scarce there are a few ways to lower the voltage. The simplest way is to raise the value of R4.

This helps reduce power supply ripple, but makes voltage stability worse. Another way is to reduce the value of C4. I prefer a different approach. In all high quality amplifiers, I replace R4 with a choke. Choose a choke that has a relatively high DC resistance. I have been using surplus chokes in my amplifiers that measure ohms.

The 2A3 Tube Amplifier - A Tribute to Simplicity and Warm Sound

The Hammond M will work also. Start with a very low value for C4 4. The 45 should be biased in the 25 to 30 mA range. I use 28 to 30 mA on volts, and 26 or 27mA if operated at volts.

2a3 tube

You need or VCT at mA, 5 volts at 2 amps, and 6. The 2A3 is essentially two 45's in parallel in the same envelope. The filament current is 2.If you google for the pictures of the SV-2A3 internals you will see that there are no two same looking units, each is different. General schematic is quite simple. Two 6SN7 drivers, while second due to the operating point is mainly a phase inverter, but still — it amplifies the signal a lot.

All the transformers were made by Japanese Tamura — which is well known for the audiophiles worldwide as a manufacturer of absolutely premium iron, equally good as Tango or better, depending on preferences.

While I am not a fan of chinese tubes I must admit that cheap Schuguang performed the best, at least in my system. The sound of this tube was very similar to RCA 45 type tube, with more power and low frequency extension, however without the magical midrange 45 type tube can offer. When I bought this amplifier I told myself that I will never ever touch it with the soldering iron. From the time perspective I see that I was right and wrong in the same time. Stock amplifier sounded extremely dynamic, bass was the best I have ever heard, and I owned many great tube amplifiers based on 6C33C or even GM70 power tubes.

Overall sound balance was perfectly right. Low, mid and high frequencies were on the same level, equally dynamic and full, very forward sounding which was perfect for hard rock music. Simply sound to die for.

After some time I started to feel some discomfort due to very sensitive Tocos Cosmos potentiometers. Close look on their specs shown that they linear potentiometers rather than commonly used logarithmic.

Please have a look on the chart to understand the main difference. Logarithmic potentiometer slowly decrease its resistance providing large headroom for low up to medium volume listening level, while logarithmic decrease its resistance in a constant, proportional manner.

This was the first moment when I warmed up my soldering station and started to look for even better sound. In the meanwhile I made several changes to push this amplifier even further. Original transformers were replaced by Tamura F with permalloy core. It is my favorite core materials and I have tested and listened to Tamura F series as well as few custom amorphous core transformers.

Amorphous core are the most detailed and analytical sounding core I have ever heard, their burn in time is extremely long. Silicon core i. All around great performer. Permalloy cores provide exceptional tonal balance, great timbre, musicality and real color of the instruments, however bass note does not go so deep as with F series, that might be due to lower inductance of the F series. Sun Audio 2A3 tube integrated amplifier.

Here is the story about my beloved, tiny Hercules — Sun Audio 2A3 integrated amplifier. Still, it was not in the same league as the original Sun Audio I was used to. Please have a look on the internal parts — can anyone ask for more?

Power transformer was getting hot and rectifier lifetime was short. Too large capacitance made it quite dull on bass in comparison.Scarborough Toronto, Canada. Choice of: Triode Lab's Official Coloursor your own choice of computer coded automotive paint. All my apologies for not getting back to you earlier with feedback about the 2A3-S amplifier: the tubes took almost two weeks to arrive due to the Easter holiday period. I've only been able to listen to it during the last few days.

First I would like to let you know that I like a lot the white car paint finish: it looks perfect. I've been listening to various kind of music on the amp from small jazz quartets to electronic music and I must admit that I'm really impressed with the results. Instrument textures and voices are incredibly smooth and the dynamics especially on drums or percussions are out of this world. In particular the difference between the 8 and 16 ohm switch is a must have because the output is way stronger on the 16 ohm connection, sound stage is better, everything opens up much more.

I think the simpler non active Zu speakers the Soul and the Druid are a really good match to your amp. The other aspect that I'm impressed by is the bass. All bass instruments sound deep and tight as they should and redefine what bass can be with a properly designed SET amp.

Hats off! The only missing thing would be some kind of manual with recommendations about tubes and basic instructions about how to connect the amplifier or switch output impedance. To sum it up, I'm extremely satisfied with my purchase of the 2A3-S. For the price I think it's an outstanding product and with the Hashimoto OPT it's really a joy to listen to.

I used the MDA to feed it via an Oppo player for a transport. Cardas Clear single ended interconnects.

2a3 tube

I use a balanced center tapped transformer to power all components except for the woofers, which are fed directly from the dedicated 20A circuit for the system. Using the 2A3FFX, the sound has texture. There is something about the 2A3s that give the sound a palpable quality. It seems at ease, without being smoothed over or dull. I am able to relax and just listen to lots of music with this setup.

There is all the detail that I am used to, but without it being etched or sharp. The bass is firm and solid, but not as quick or detailed as solid state amplification. But texture is the main strength, I have never heard such realistic texture and tone.

Overall, the amp is more pleasurable to listen to than any I have heard before, quite an impressive feat!!! Your choice of 12AX7 or 6H30 as drivers. We've mastered this tube over a long period of time and even though this tube required more attention and work, we just like the sound of it. Either driver-stage uses finest resistors and e-caps, and via industry best QQQ-Japan's tube socket. Your choice of: Hammonds or Hashimoto Transformers Set.

Dual Choke Transformers One supply the operation and one supply the tubes following its dedicated high quality dual Mundorf MLytic Ecaps. Chassis size : 18" W x 12" D x 2" H. The high quality copper material is much heavier than its aluminum counterpart, as well, a good conductive material for electric there are reasons why your experienced audiophiler say its a sweet thing! It requires a week of dip, clean and polish right here in Toronto, before it can be sent off to our clear-coat facility with lint-free glovehandling at all time.

They weigh close to 30 lbs without any transformers. Made-to-order only. Lead time required.All our tubes are guaranteed for 3 months from the date of purchase.

Any exceptions will be noted on that tube's Warranty tab If you receive a tube that does not perform to the manufacturer's specifications, please do the following: - contact us to get a return authorization - return it via regular mail within 90 days from when we shipped it, and we will provide an exchange or refund of the full purchase price of the tube. We can not accept returns that don't have an authorization, are past 3 month, or are returned improperly.

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Sovtek 2A3. Availability: Usually ships within 24 hours. Quantity discounts available. Quantity Price.

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Add to Cart. Description Additional info The Sovtek 2A3 tube is a high quality tube at an affordable price. Vacuum Tube Valley says, " Other Sovtek tubes 2A3 Tube Types.This is the category for directly heated triode DHT fans. The 2A3 tube was introduced indesigned specifically for the audio amplifier output stage. Despite being relatively low powered, 2A3 still is the triode of choice for many high-end audio amplifiers and DIY projects. Sovtek 2A3 is a close replica of classic American 2A3 tubes, excellent for classical sources.

Electro-Harmonix 2A3 Gold is very similar in construction to Sovtek 2A3, but it handles more contemporary sources better than Sovtek 2A3. Electro-Harmonix B, both regular and Gold versions are clear and honest sonics, reliable and are a great value. Genalex PXB is one of the best current production B. It is meticulously built, handles 40W, and provides very good balance from bottom to top.

JJ B is a great go-to choice, with its smooth and focused sound. Svetlana SV and SV tubes are high output triodes. With bright Thoriated Tungsten filament, with no getter, these tubes have a special look. We think these tubes are the ultimate final evolution of audio triodes, and very deserving for special DIY audio amp projects with high aspirations. We will get through this.

Stay well, and stay safe. Price Name.

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