Machine breakdown report format in excel

Before you begin to create your Work Breakdown Structure in Excel, you should first decompose your project. Decomposing your project means identifying deliverables and breaking each deliverable down into its component tasks.

You will keep doing this until you get to the smallest work tasks possible. You then should assign an ID to each work package based upon the relationships between the task items.

These work packages will then make up the items of your WBS. For information on decomposing projects, you will want to check out my series on decompositionespecially How to Decompose your Projects. Once you have properly decomposed your project, you should set up Microsoft Excel to receive your data. Open a new worksheet. Across the top, create at least the following columns:.

After creating the columns, you will format the cells.

The first cell to format is the Task ID cell. To do this, highlight the column you have designated for the task ID numbers by clicking on the letter at the top of the column. This cell will track task dependencies, so you will need to be able to have accurate decimal points here.

Set this cell up the same way you set the task ID cell up. Set the duration cell up to accept numbers, and the start and finish date columns to accept dates entered. Once you have your Excel Worksheet set up, you can enter your data. Enter everything you have from your papers where you decomposed your project. Once you have entered your data into the Excel Worksheet, you will be ready to move on to the next step.

Once all of your data has been entered into the Excel worksheet, you can play around with the conditional formatting feature. Say you wish to create a report of all the tasks due within a given time range. Highlight your start and finish date columns by click-and-dragging over the two letters representing those columns.

You can also use conditional formatting to highlight tasks that have been assigned to a specific person, tasks that are on the lowest end of completion, and tasks associated with a specific milestone or deliverable.

machine breakdown report format in excel

You can access it in the conditional formatting menu. For more tips on creating Work Breakdown Structures and the importance of creating a WBS for your project, you may want to read the following articles:. What is a Work Breakdown Structure? Bright Hub Project Management.Production downtime translates into an under utilization of capacity that impacts the bottom line. By tracking and analyzing production downtime, managers can identify production flow problems and develop action plans that focus on corrective and preventive measures.

Breakdown analysis

Identifying repeated causes for system and equipment malfunctions can lead to improvements in:. This example downtime tracking log can be downloaded here from Bright Hub's media gallery and customized to work with different manufacturing processes. With further modification, the spreadsheet can also be adapted to track any "downtime" that may be causing delays in a project's schedule.

In setting up the spreadsheet, you will need to track production data to help you document the 5 Ws who, what, where, when and why to have a complete picture of what happened when the equipment came offline. To begin, setup your data columns on Worksheet1 renamed Log to collect the following information related to the each downtime event:.

To make it easier to enter data into this Excel spreadsheet, create separate worksheets to store the lists that will be become drop down options on the log. Here are the ones used in the example spreadsheet to store lists and reports. Once you have entered the items in each list on the appropriate worksheet, you can create drop down lists on the Log worksheet by following these steps:.

A down arrow should appear in the cells on the Log Sheet to access the list.

How to Create a Work Breakdown Structure in Excel

To maneuver more easily between worksheets, you can create a set of command buttons to run a macro that will take you back and forth to the lists on the different worksheets. This will be helpful when adding and removing items in the list, such as when new equipment is brought on line or a machine is retired.

A command button is a shortcut in Excel and is accessed through the Developer tab. Unfortunately Office does not display the Developer tab by default, so you will need to enable it using the following procedure:. To enable the Developer tab. You will now see the Developer tab on your ribbon, which will enable you to create command buttons.

To create and format a Command Button. To create a macro for the Command Button. Once you have a made all the changes, click on Design Mode again to lock and activate the button. With the data in place, you can create various reports in the form of charts to analyze downtime by shift, product, process, equipment or issue.

The Excel template includes two column charts that report total downtime minutes by shift and product. To setup cells to show total downtime by product.Machines is heart of manufacturing unit that is the reason manufacturer owners are always take care of the machine and its activities same as maintenance department also taken care of machine to avoid breakdowns, but there are also some reasons that machine breakdowns are happen in units as below:.

This is only nine reasons that identified for the format of machine stoppage report, but in actual production line various types of stoppages can be possible to found.

Those all reasons are need to identify and as per report management enable to take decisions to eliminate each reasons form the machine stoppage report, for the elimination each reason individually analyze and same will be need to take necessary actions on it.

As above nine reasons, last tenth reason is unidentified reason that is comes first time, this variable requirement of the format can possible to increase numbers of reason and same will be possible decrease numbers of reason as management taken necessary actions on number of reasons. Download machine Stoppage Report format in word document.

machine breakdown report format in excel

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Search for:.Start your Breakdown analysis by answering six simple questions: 5 whys and 1 how. Breakdown Causes described here.

To download breakdown analysis template, follow this link. Randomly scheduled audits for compliance are essential to sustain a 5S environment. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

Email Address. Breakdown analysis October 25, In : 5 Why Analysis. Where did you see the problem? Production Line, Machine and Location. When did the problem occur? Changeover, normal operation, PM or start-up.

Monitor and Control Excel Sheet

Is the problem related to skill? Either skill dependent or skill independent. Mix feeder design allows mix to leak onto gearbox — design flaw.

Can we use visual indicator to detect issue? Anything we can actively do to show the abnormality before it happens?

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machine breakdown report format in excel

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machine breakdown report format in excel

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How to Create a Work Breakdown Structure in Excel

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