Synology stop conversion process

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Tuning your Synology NAS for speed

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New posts. Search forums. Log in. Please check out our forum guidelines for info related to our community. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter gasolin Start date Oct 20, Joined Jun 3, Messages 1, 0. I can use ssh and a therminal to disabel thumbnail,indeks generation, but it seems to difficult for me to do, i am a server novice, i do know from linux it's case sensitive and what if i mesh it up.

Is there any thing i can do to disabale thumbnail generation, it just I still have a server that use a lot of energy,cpu to generate thumbnails,indeks my photos,videoes. Another question, i want my server to be used a dropbox that's why i have it how do i do it? I do have to admit dropbox is extremly easy to use when i want to upload a picture,music,video and then share it. Joined Aug 22, Messages 0. Hey there, gasolin!I moved all my photos over to my Synology NAS which I really enjoy just to discover that it would take months to index all photos.

So I started to look for options and while most people managed to increase the speed a bit by reducing the quality of the thumbnails I figured why not utilize some of the CPU power I have at home? So I ended up using my Linux box to do the thumbnailing for me instead which reduced the time to thumbnail Last step is to run the script in the folder you want to thumbnail or the root if you want to thumbnail it all :. Now this may void you warranty break your NAS and generally end the world as you know it.

I tried it on my NAS and it works but there are no guarantees. But I hope that the people at Synology will listen to this and create a sanctioned way to remotely create thumbnails as it is much better especially as upgrading photo station requires re-indexing than the rather cheep re-upload photos using a tool solution they have today.

In other words a folder called eaDir with a subfolder for each photo. The subfolder representing a photo in turn contain the various thumbnails.

I use the normal one low resolution thumbnails which is defined like so:. Which is essentially just command line arguments for ImageMagicks convert command which is what I call in my script above. A colon in a smb filename at least in windows is a stream A pretty cool but very neglected feature of NTFS. A stream is a file in a file meaning you can put more than one stream of data in each file.

If you created a file somewhere with 0 bytes and then put megabytes of data in a stream the file would still be listed as 0 bytes yet take up all the space on the hard disk.

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synology stop conversion process

The whole cake obsession started for Evelinas first birthday where we did a three story strawberry cake. Michael Medin Random thoughts on development, monitoring and family life….

Toggle navigation Michael Medin. A big warning Now this may void you warranty break your NAS and generally end the world as you know it. Some theory So what does this do?Volume 1 is degraded due to a failed hard disk Disk 2 is missing. Is the disk down?

I was right, disk 2 has failed and no more information was provided. It turns out to be 3 simple steps:. Turning off the warning beep. I guess this step is really optional if you do not find the every 2 seconds beep irritating. For me, I prefer to turn it off after knowing what went wrong with the volume. Turn off the warning beep by:. With the warning beep off, it is time to replace the faulty hard drive.

It can be larger in size but not smaller as it will affect the size of the total RAID volume. Do note that if you are going for option 2 of waiting for replacement, do note that you do not enjoy data protection.

How to Set Up a Home Media Server

If any of the remaining disks fail, you will lose your data. The physical replacement of the hard drive is quite straight forward, you can eject the drive when the Synology NAS is still up and running if it is hot-swappable or you can do it when the Synology NAS is powered down.

With the new hard drive inserted, the system logs should reflect a newly inserted hard disk. Once the new hard disk has been reflected, proceed to the next section. This is the most time consuming part of the entire process as the DSM will be rebuilding the newly inserted hard disk.

It all depends on the size of the volume, the bigger it is, the longer the wait. Choosing the disk to be rebuilt based on the volume information on the remaining disks Acknowledge the warning prompt by clicking the Ok button Ensuring that you have selected the correct disk and you know what you are doing Once you have confirm the settings for the repair, click on the Apply button Confirmation of settings.

synology stop conversion process

Repairing the volume with the replaced Disk 2. You have kick started the repair process.

synology stop conversion process

In the mean time, the volume will still be accessible, albeit a little slower due to the repair process. The RAID volume is up and running with data protection of 1 disk fault-tolerant again! Some even formatted the data drive instead of the new disk, worsening the problem further.

I am glad that the DiskStation Manager knows what it is doing and the repair process is easy without needing the end user know all those Linux commands.Log in or Sign up. Overclockers UK Forums. This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies.

Learn More. Show only OP. Mar 20, at AM 1. Very frustrating this but for some reason since I moved house my nas is getting stuck during the file conversion phase. This kills the processing power of the box and slows it down to a crawl. I can pause the file conversion but this doesn't fix it. Has anyone come across this type of problem?

It does seem reasonably common but I don't know how to fix it on this scale. Mar 20, at AM 2.

Re-index media files on Synology NAS servers

Mar 20, at AM 3. That's a good question and I don't fully understand it. I think it might be trying to convert the files into some kind of Linux file format for compression purposes but I can't be sure.

Edit: Okay, it seems to be something to do with thumbnail creation. Last edited: Mar 20, Mar 20, at AM 4. Just read up on it, it's part of the 'Photo Station' server.One of the annoying things with Synology NAS servers is the fact that a video file moved to the filesystem does not automatically appear on the DNLA share on client devices.

It needs a re-index of the media files. You can log into the HTML Admin Console and start a re-index, however this will be a full re-index and most likely take ages to complete.

A quicker way is to connect to the SSH Console and issue the following command:. As per documentation here are the other command options. Hi Thanks for this solution. It was driving me crazy having to reindex after every new set of files was added to the server.

The solution you provided works just great. The music amounts to around GB so it seems a lot quicker. Thanks for posting this. Thanks for sharing this very nice tip. After take a look at this command I also find this useful option to reindex only a specific directory: synoindex -R dirpath. You can also use this by creating a. Thank you! This was driving me nuts. Figured it was some kind of caching or permissions problem but it was actually just a db that comes with its own indexing script…which makes it pretty easy.

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Update or delete your post and re-enter your post's URL again. Learn More.By default, Synology NAS devices will index all media files pictures, music, videos and generate applicable thumbnails.

When a new file is indexed, this kickstarts a process that asks the thumbnail generator to get to work generating various thumbnail sizes for a given file. The background process that generates thumbnail images for Synology devices is the aptly named synomkthumbd, presumably for Synology Make Thumbnail Daemon.

This process assumes some familiarity with command-line tools like telnet. Just say yes. By default, the root password should be the same as your admin account. First we query the system to find out the Process ID of synomkthumbd.

This should output a list of what appears to be workers that generate the thumbnails. On my box I see three folders called 0, 1, and 2, which I believe act to generate thumbnails for multiple files at a time.

If, for whatever reason, it appears that the thumbnail conversion process has frozen, it can be stopped and restarted without restarting the entire Synology NAS this way:. The the same basic process is applicable to video thumbnail generation, except videos are generated by ffmpeg-thumb instead of synomkthumbd ; there also appears to be folders 0 through 4 for that service. It appears that the methods for starting and stopping the thumbnail conversion process that I described above are obsolete.

Thank you Peter. It previously worked as of DSM 5. Instead, Synology has added a central service management system, which you can call via SSH by running synoservicecfg. If you feel the need to go down the rabbit hole, you can get a list of command arguments by running. Or you can simply get a list of services which includes the synomkthumbd service by using this command:. Armed with the name of the service you want to stop and start, the same synoservicecfg command can stop, start, or restart it.

You are correct! I appreciate the feedback. This has been running continuously for over three weeks and continues to show the same statistics for the Conversion Progress. Any suggestions on how to really KILL the conversion? Basically what happens is the Index service actively looks for all the files in the file system and subsequent modifications after the first big index and logs them in a bit index queue — a bit long list of file paths that the synomediaparsed tool will then look to see if anything needs to be converted or thumbnailed.

synology stop conversion process

This was very helpful. I do not run the photo-station, and do not like the creation of the thumbnails and eadir folders.

'Conversion' process stuck - Synology DS112j

Your post helped me to find how to turn this off. Hopefully it will survive during the next upgrade. Do you have any idea what could be causing this?

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